Katie. 22. Gay. Canadian. Vancouver, BC.
I love video games and painting and drawing.
nature is great.

I just want to stay home and play Destiny and watch Tegan and Sara on Conan, but I have work so that’s shitty.

Playing Destiny right now !
Add me at Roryvalintine.
Same face template as my tumblr thumbnail.
Katie Rae.
Can’t miss it !

Cora and I playing Destiny.

I just preordered The Evil Within the fighting chance pack.
Sweeet. :)





"Some women are lost in the fire. Some women are built from it."

I love this so much because they are talking ALL the fictional charcaters into one. Not just video game characters, not just graphic novel characters, not just fictional booked based characters, and not just animated based fictional characters, BUT ALL THE FICTIONAL WOMAN BASED CHARCHACTERS AND THAT IS WHY I LOVE THIS.

Holy shit I am geting pissed off more than pleased with my PS4 or actually maybe it’s Destiny.
Because I should be able to play a video game without internet right ?
This is, fucking awful.
The one time I can’t fucking find the internet password and it’s my day off.
Great. Fucking great.
I’m starting to really think PS3 really is the best PS system ever alright.
Not everyone should have to be hooked up to the internet to play fucking games.
Sorry, but I’ve been fighting with this now for like 4 hours and I am tired now, never got to fucking play on my one day off and work tomorrow.
I am so pissed off.
I’m telling you now those with only PS3s, stick with them for awhile.
It’s worth it and they work better.


Do it again @robynkonichiwa

Ahhh I love you guys.
Keep it real !
And love your love for Robyn.
Total icon.

Kay umm why must the power cord to my PS4 be so short……
Pathetic wow.

I will let you all know my PSN and name or whatever after and post on here.
Keep an eye out !

message me if you wanna play together ! :)