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Some people take the shit I say way too seriously.


I’m joking and most of the time making fun of myself in some way. Calm the fuck down.


Graham’s Backpiece Tattoo by Darcy Nutt 1st Session

ribs (x)

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100 days of music [day 11] ↠ ribs // lorde

this dream isn't feeling sweet
we're reeling through the midnight streets
and i've never felt more alone
it feels so scary getting old


i dont think my parents realized their kid was growing up to be a over-emotional sarcastic asshole thats addicted to the internet

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This camera is a dream.
I swear.
Model through it.

Follow this girl she’s fab 💕

Thank you ! Aha. You’re the best. :3

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles! cool mug.

More infected. I’m fine!

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exiledpanda replied to your post:I probs won’t really be rushing my ass to buy Dead…

Mehh, it’s a video game idc.
Just not up there with my favorites and that’s my own personal opinion and that’s okay.
You can love it, I don’t have to.